Roads – Dust Control

Roads – Dust Control-Chloride application to gravel roads.

Brandon Township will contract to apply chloride for dust control on gravel roads at the request of property owners. Property owners must make the request in writing to the township clerk in spring following the public announcement. An ongoing request is kept on file via the past year’s billing unless the owner requests a change in status. Property owners will be billed for ½ the cost of the first 300 feet of roadway bordering the property plus full cost of any additional footage. Flagging of the boundaries where chloride is to be put down is recommended. Property owners on any given road may request application of chloride for the total length or portions thereof of a township road and the billing may be shared. (eg: 5 owners on a road of 1000 ft, will each be billed for ½ cost of 200 ft. of road.) Residential property owners on any densely populated (residents every 300 ft. or less) no outlet road (dead end) may petition for the entire road to have chloride applied with 50% of the cost be paid by Brandon Township and 50% be paid by all the residential property owners on that road. Residential property owners may also petition to place their costs on their annual property tax bill as a special dust control assessment. The petition must be signed by 60% of the residents on the aforementioned road before Brandon Township board will consider or act upon the petition. A late fee of $5.00 will be added to the bill when a second billing is sent after 60 days.