2015 Burros Road Vacate 09-21-2015

Burros Lane Road Resolution 09-21-2015

Brandon Township Road Order

State of Minnesota, County of Douglas, Town of Brandon


Whereas: Upon the petition of 8 legal voters who own real estate or who occupy real estate within three (3) miles of the road proposed in said petition to be vacated; which said petition was filed with the Town Clerk on August 17, 2015, who presented it to the Brandon Town supervisors for action, and which said road (named Burros Lane) is set forth and described as follows: Beginning at the southeast corner of Parcel # 09-0400-000 in Section Eighteen (18), Twp 129, Range 39, of Brandon Township, and ending at the southwest corner of Parcel # 09-0400-000 in Section Eighteen (18) of Brandon Township, this small part of Burros Lane that has never been developed is to be vacated.


And Whereas: Upon receiving the said petition at the clerk's office on August 17, 2015, and presented to the supervisors at the August 17, 2015 Town Board meeting, the Town Board set September 21, 2015 at the Brandon Community Center as the time and place to hear and act upon the petition and ordered the town clerk to post public notice and sent notices to the residents of the land affected by the vacation of Burros Lane. The public notices have been posted and the land owners of the affected land have been sent written notice of September 21, 2015 meeting.


Be it Resolved: That the short section of Burros Lane NW, which has never been developed, from the Eastern line of Parcel # 09-0400-000 ,Lot 2 to the Western line of Lot 1 in the Curlew Addition in Section (18) Brandon Township (129), Range thirty-nine (39) be vacated.



Brandon Township Supervisors


___Adrian Ledermann__________ __ Gene Fynboh___________

Attest: Adrian Ledermann, Clerk Gene Fynboh, chair


______Gaylin Croonquist_______

Gaylin Croonquist


_______Kerby Lund____________

Kerby Lund


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