2013 Annexation 04-15-2013

Resolution # 04-15-2013

VSC Partners Joint Resolution of Orderly Annexation

Brandon Township

Now Therefore, be it resolved by the City of Brandon and the Township of Brandon as follows:

1. The City and Township hereby designate that the portion of the property described in Exhibit A (parcel ID # 09-0436-750) and located in the Township for immediate orderly annexation pusrsuant to MN Stat. 4140325.

2. The City and Township agree that the property legally described and located the Township contains approximately 5.37 acres.

3. The area described above as being in need for orderly annexation is not presently included within the corporate limits of any incorporated city.

4. Real estate taxes payable during the year in which the annexation becomes effective shall be paid to the Township. Thereafter the real estate taxes on the area designated for annexation shall be paid to the City.

5. Upon its execution, the city shall submit this Joint Resolution for Orderly Annexation to the municipal board and the City, township, and all named people agree that this Joint Resolution may be submitted to the Office of Administrative Hearings without further notice to any party.

6. No alteration of the stated boundaries of the area designated for annexation as above described is appropriate. No consideration by the Chief Administrative Law Judge is necessary. Upon receipt of this Joint Resolution, the Chief Administrative Law Judge may review and comment but shall, within thirty days thereafter, order the annexation in accordance with the terms of the Joint Resolution.

7. In the event there are any errors, omissions or any other problems with the legal descriptions provided in Exhibit A in the judgment of the Office of Administrative Hearings, the City and Township agree to make such corrections and file any additional documentation, including a new Exhibit A making the corrections requested or required by the Office of Administrative Hearings as necessary to make effective the annexation in accordance with the terms of this Joint Resolution.

Passed and adopted by the City Council of the City of Brandon this 1st Day of April, 2013

City of Brandon Attest:

Doug Johnson, Mayor Debra Grommesh, City Clerk

Passed and Adopted the Town Board of the Township of Brandon this 15thday of April, 2013

Township of Brandon Attest:

Gene Fynboh, Town Board Chair Adrian Ledermann, Town Board Clerkj

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Township 129 Range 29

Established as Chippewa Township September 3, 1867.
Renamed Brandon Township March 11, 1881

Vital Statistics -
Location: Douglas County, MN
Land Area: 30.4 sq. mi.
Water Area: 5.1 sq. mi.
Lakes With Public Landings: 6
Population: 747 Est Apr 2018
Households 312
Township Roads: 46.86 Miles

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