Animals - Strays Dogs

Stray Animal Control:

           Upon an alert, the township supervisor responsible for stray animal control will pick up the animal (dogs but not cats) and deliver to the local humane society shelter.  The shelter will keep the animal for one week before destroying the animal.   The dog owner will be responsible for the cost of shelter if when they pick up their dog.   If no owner shows up, the township will take responsibility for all costs.


About Us

Township 129 Range 29

Established as Chippewa Township September 3, 1867.
Renamed Brandon Township March 11, 1881

Vital Statistics -
Location: Douglas County, MN
Land Area: 30.4 sq. mi.
Water Area: 5.1 sq. mi.
Lakes With Public Landings: 6
Population: 747 Est Apr 2018
Households 312
Township Roads: 46.86 Miles

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