2019 Annual Town Road Account 04-15-2019F

RESOLUTION #04-15-2019F


Disbursement of Town Road Account Funds


WHEREAS:   The 1983 Minnesota Legislature amended Minnesota Statutes 1982, Sections 161.081 and 161.082, creating a Town Road Account to be apportioned from County State-Aid Turnback Funds for use in the construction and reconstruction of township roads, and


WHEREAS:  Money appropriated to a County from the Town Road Account must be distributed to each Township within the County according to a distribution formula adopted by the County Board, and


WHEREAS:  Douglas County adapted a distribution formula by Resolution on November 14, 1983, and 


WHEREAS: Brandon Township receives annually from Douglas County, a distribution from the Town Road Account, and


WHEREAS:  Brandon Township maintains a single Road and Bridge Fund into which the Town Road Account funds and the Township Road and Bridge Property Tax Levy funds are comingled


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the funds disbursed from the Township Road and Bridge Fund for road maintenance will be distributed first from the funds received from the Town Road Account and then from the funds received from the Township Road and Bridge Property Tax Levy.


Adopted this 15th day of April, 2019




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Township 129 Range 29

Established as Chippewa Township September 3, 1867.
Renamed Brandon Township March 11, 1881

Vital Statistics -
Location: Douglas County, MN
Land Area: 30.4 sq. mi.
Water Area: 5.1 sq. mi.
Lakes With Public Landings: 6
Population: 747 Est Apr 2018
Households 312
Township Roads: 46.86 Miles

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