Brandon Township Meeting, Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011 - 7 P. M.Brandon Township Annual MeetingBrandon Community Center 

 Proposed Agenda

 Clerk:   Call meeting to order;  pledge of allegiance                       
Nominate Moderator
 Moderator takes chair  -
 Motion to approve and second agenda:

Minutes of
March 9, 2010 Annual Meeting
Motion to approve and second the minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Receipts and Disbursements                       
Motion to approve and second the treasurer’s report

Proposed Budget Levy:     General Fund - $25,000; Road and Bridge- $65,000; Fire and Responders - $24,000; CLRSD - $115,423                

Guest Speakers:           
a.   Brandon Fire Department report
b.  Alexandria Area Economic Development Representative, budget request

Old Business:           
1 November 2010 election outcomes
2.  Other

New Business:           
1.  Motion to approve and accept proposed 2012 budget levy.
2.  New road sign maintenance process
3.  Places of public notice publication
4.  Supervisor 6 year term discussion
5.  Clerk and Treasurer appointments discussion
6.  Other


P. S.  The Road and Bridge levy will need to be increased in order to become compliant and qualify for our share of the gas tax refund.