Brandon Township Meeting, Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brandon Township Annual Meeting Minutes (Unofficial) March 9, 2010 The annual town meeting of Brandon Township was held on Tuesday, March 9, at the Brandon Community Center with 14 people in attendance. The meeting was called to order by Adrian Ledermann, clerk, at 7:00 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was recited. A moment of silence was held to honor Dave Klukken, long time clerk of Brandon Township who died recently.  Adrian Ledermann was nominated to moderate the meeting.On a motion by Amy Barfnecht, seconded by Jen Lanners, and carried, the agenda was approved. Clerks Report:  The minutes of the March 17, 2009 annual meeting were read and approved with one correction (end date of treasurer's report was 2008, not 2009) on a motion by Dick Gulbranson, seconded by Mike Cleary and carried. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Diane Smith made copies available of the 2009 treasurer's report. Smith read through the summary report indicating a beginning balance as of 01/01/2009 of $22,946.52.  Receipts for 2009 were $126,819.44.  Other receipts included $41,198.23 from CLRSD closing, $500,000.00 from sewer bond, $120,000.00 from Tar and Road investment fund, and $25,508.16 from CD#141685 for total receipts of $813,525.83.  Disbursements totaled $754,099.28 which included the $599,420.00 paid to CLRSD closing.  $61,198.23 was transferred back to Tar and Road fund, and $6,907.04 was transferred back to investment funds, leaving a balance of $14,267.80 in the check book.  Present investments include: Tar and Road Improvement fund of $94,273.21; Bremer Bank CD #141683 of $60,123.44 and Bremer Bank CD#141685 of $50,000.00.  On a motion by Gaylin Croonquist, seconded by Dana Barfnecht, and carried, the treasurer's report was approved


Proposed Budget Levy:  The Board of Audit presented a proposed budget for 2011 that included: General Fund- $25,000; Road and Bridge Fund- $65,000; Fire and Responders Fund- $24,000; CLRSD debt service-$34,423; and CLRSD debt service (district only)-$80,000.  


Old Business:  CLRSD sewer wrap up issue raised one question about whether any lawsuits have been filed.   The board is not aware of any suits.


New Business: 1.  On a motion by Jen Lanners, seconded by Amy Barfnecht, and carried, the above proposed 2011 levy was approved and will be forwarded to Douglas County.

2. November elections were discussed including the possibility of going to 6 year terms for the supervisors.   Filing for positions will begin in August of even numbered years.  Gulbranson suggested that the board seek further info and decide whether to put the question of 6 year terms on the November ballot.  Also noted that Minnesota will now have an August primary date, but township elections will not be a part of the primary.

3. On a motion by Amy Barfnecht, seconded by Paul Lauthen, the places of public notice publication will remain as is, using the township web site, Brandon Bremer Bank, Brandon Post Office and The Record as places for publishing legal notices.

4.  The question of setting up coyote bounties, and setting gopher bounties was discussed and will be left to the board to set after checking with other county townships.

5.  Corliss Stark of the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission was present to hand out the 2009 reports and speak about AAEDC development activity in 2009.  In a down economic year, JOBZ local economic impact indicated estimated $65,480,000 project costs with 780 jobs retained and 164 jobs created and for 2009 completed projects, estimated $17,466,000 projects costs, 540 jobs retained and 36 jobs created.   After her presentation and discussion, Dana Barfnecht moved, seconded by Don Buse that Brandon Township plan to contribute $2,475 to AAEDC for the year 2011.


There being no further business, on a motion by Jen Lanners, seconded by Amy Barfnecht, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

 Adrian Ledermann, Clerk