Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, July 20, 2009

Brandon Township Meeting Minutes - July 20, 2009 The regular monthly meeting of the Brandon Township Board was held on Monday, July 20, 2009 at the Brandon Community Center with Paul Lauthen, Michael Cleary, Jennifer Lanners, Diane Smith and Adrian Ledermann present. The meeting was called to order by Paul Lauthen at 7:00 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was recited. Clerks Report:  The minutes of the June 15 meeting were addressed.   The minutes were approved as read with a motion by Lanners, seconded by Cleary, and carried. Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance 06/01/09 was $10,710.40.   Interest from Revenue on account at Bremer was $.42.  Other income was $52,685.34 (Douglas County-$51,981.34 and Brandon residents for Chloride-$704.00).  Orders issued were $14,474.45 for a total ending balance of $48,921.71.  Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $29.94 in interest to total $32,750.69; CD #141683 totals $58,302.49; and CD #141685 which matures 09/21/09, totals $173,669.64.  Motion made by Cleary, seconded by Lanners, to approve report; carried. Public Comment:  The gathering of about 40 visitors included: 1) a presentation by David Robley, County engineer informing the township that the water level on love lake is too high and needs to be drained down by tile to long lake.   Design Tree has been hired to do the study at a cost of about $10,000 with the work estimated to cost about $20,000. The county is seeking $6,000 from the City of Brandon and $6,000 from Brandon Township to help off set the cost to the county.  2)Todd Strom was present seeking an ok from the board for annexing The Chippewa Lutheran Church site to the City of Brandon.  3)Hugh McWhorter brought a proposal to become the tax assessor for Brandon Township.  4)Bill Leuthner, township attorney, was present to respond to questions about the CRLSD funding.  Other visitors offered comments after the CLRSD report and the information about funding proposals to cover the cost of winding down the central district.  Old Business: a.  CLRSD report:  Cleary's report on the July 2 meeting of the CLRSD board included info on the ongoing winding down process, that a new resolution was passed at the special June 18 meeting, that the land for the treatment site has been offered to the previous owner who rejected it so it will be put up for sale, that the permits have been returned to the state; that possible excess funds of up to $400,000 will be redistributed to the townships and that easement money can't be returned.b. Brandon Township funding of CLRSD debt:  Cleary presented copies of a proposal for gathering the funds needed to pay CLRSD.  (cf. attached sheet)  Discussion by the visitors and the board continued for some time.  No proposals were presented at this time, as Leuthner had to leave the meeting for awhile.c.  Graveling of roads is completed except for Lehn U turn.d. Dust coating (chloride application) has been completed.  Positive comments have been received about a good job done.  Receipts have totaled $3,253.00 so far.e. Road sign installation has been completed although a number of new reflective signs are needed.f. Weed Control by Carr's Tree Service has been completed, but the cost was much higher than expected, causing concern by the board.g.  Assessor's contract with Marv Jensen needs to be revoked as Jensen does not have the necessary license.   McWhorter from Miltona has proposed to take the position, but he is not amenable to hiring Jensen as a deputy  because McWhorter operates as a single operator without employees.   Clerk Ledermann will check with the county assessor about some possibilities of working with the county and Jensen and report back at the next meeting.h.  Chippewa church annexation:  On a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lanners and carried, the resolution for annextion to the city was approved and signed by chair Lauthen. (Cf. attached  A)i.  Accident and disability insurance over and above Worker's Comp was discussed, but not accepted at this time. New Businessa.  Three building permits were reviewed.b. Brandon city water letter was reviewed indicating city water project including new tower and new water lines leading to increased fees was discussed.c. MATIT insurance coverage letter indicates that liability and E&O insurance policies have now been combined.d. Magnuson hearing about moving of soil for building site was attended by Cleary.  Township has no objections to the proposed soil moving.e.  CAP X 2020 letter was presented.  Since nearby information meetings are available, the board did not see a need to schedule any further meeting here.f. Two gambling permit requests for charitable fund raisers at Long Lake Lodge were approved. (Roll With It and Evansville Sportsman club)g.  Further discussion of proposals for raising needed CLRSD funding ensued focusing on what amounts could be taken from township surplus funds, what amounts could be assessed to CLRSD residents, what amounts could be assessed to all township residents and what amount could be expected from return of excess CLRSD funds.    On a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen and passed with a yes vote from Cleary and Lauthen, and a no vote by Lanners, Brandon Township is directing its attorney, Bill Leuthner, to draw up the necessary resolutions, for final passage at the August meeting.   The motion included the following figures:  $600,000 needed by Nov. 1, 2009.  Take $100,000 from General Funds and have general funds continue to pay bond interest over the next 5 years.    Seek bond of $525,000 over 5 years, with $100,000 to be assessed as ad valorem tax to all parcels, and $425,000 to be assessed as ad valorem tax to parcels within the Brandon Township CLRSD defined district.   Any excess CLRSD funds received from CLRSD would be used to replace General Funds of Brandon Township.h. Treasurer Smith was directed to move $20,000.00 from checking to the Tar & Road Fund. Claims and Wages:  Claims were presented and viewed by the board.  Claims included: Evansville Township- $1,054 for gravel; Adrian Ledermann - $9.33 for office printing; MATIT- $1,766.00 for insurance; Otter Tail Power - $53.36 for shop electricity; Carr's Tree Service - $4,596.09 for road spraying; M-R Sign - $370.72 for road signs; Okerlund Graveling - $11,193.00 for gravel; IRS - $628.01 for 2nd Qt; PERA - $188.96 for 2nd Qt. Claims and wages were ordered paid on a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Lanners, and carried. Adjournment:   The meeting was adjourned at 10.20 p.m. on a motion by Lanners, seconded by Cleary and carried. Adrian Ledermann, clerk.