Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, August 17, 2009

Brandon TownshipAugust 17, 2009, 7 p.m. Tentative Meeting Agenda 

1.  Call to order, pledge of allegiance

2.  July minutes, clerk’s report

3. Treasurer’s report,

4.  Public Comment/Public input for new business


5.  Old Business

a. CLRSD  information

b.  Brandon township funding of CLRSD  debt; Proposed resolution    

            c. Assessor's Contract:  McWorter, Douglas County, or ????

            d. Love Lake Drainage agreement with County

            e. 6 month interim financial report

            f.  Road Maintenance Update

            g. Other

 6.  New Business

            a. Review building permits

            b US Census, re: nonsheltered outdoor locations

            c.  Other

 7. Claims and Wages 8.  Date and place of next meeting, Monday, Sept. 21, 7 pm, community center,  9.   Adjournment