Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, June 15, 2009

Brandon TownshipMay 18, 7 p.m. Tentative Meeting Agenda 

1.  Call to order, pledge of allegiance

2.  April minutes, clerk’s report

3. Treasurer’s report

4.  Public Comment/Public input for new business

            a.  Gambling permit, Michelle Elmer


5.  Old Business

a. CLRSD meeting report

b. Board of Appeal results

            c. Clerk office and DSL use costs

            d. Insurance review, including disability insurance

            e. Propane price lock in

            f.  graveling of roads

            g. dust coating-chloride application

            h. setting up township budget???

            i.  Road sign update

 6.  New Business

            a. Review building permit

            b. Funding of  CLRSD by Brandon Township

            c. Other/clerk's notes;

                        board of appeal training

                        Stoeckel Surveying

                        Stabnow engineering

  7. Claims and Wages 8.  Date and place of next meeting, June 15, 7 pm, community center,  9.   Adjournment