Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, December 15, 2008

Brandon Township Meeting Minutes - Dec. 15, 2008 

The regular monthly meeting of the Brandon Township Board was held on Monday, Dec. 15, 2008 at the Brandon Community Center with Don Buse, Paul Lauthen, Michael Cleary, Diane Smith and Adrian Ledermann present.


The meeting was called to order by the chair, Don Buse at 8 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report:  The minutes of the Nov. 17th meeting were addressed.   The minutes were approved with this added correction (Under Sewer Project information, "two responses" was changed to "two motions were considered") with a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary, and carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance 11/01/08 was $6,391.74.   Interest from Revenue on account at Bremer was $.77.  Other income was $3,884.42.  Orders issued totaling $3,240.03, for a total ending balance of $7,036.90.  Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $70.07 in interest to total $52,415.59; CD #141683 matures 12/22/08, totals $57,869.66; and CD #141685 matures 03/22/09, totals $170,915.10.  Motion made by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary, to approve report; carried.


Sewer Project Information:  Buse reported that the CLRSD board voted to table Phase I and III projects but to continue to prepare the Miltona project for bids and continue to do easements for the Lobster Lake project.   Buse indicated that the local state legislators are prepared to work with any stimulus funds that may become available and that it was necessary to prepare phase I and III projects for that possibility.  The board also voted to increase the 2009 budget to $325.000 and to hire Pat Conroy full time for the next 6 months.  Cleary reported that the Wenck study has completed about one half of the field work in the Brandon area.


Public Comment:  The gathering of about 20 people continued to ask questions of the board about costs to Brandon and to demand exiting the Central District. 


Board Discussion and Action: After a lengthy discussion,  Lauthen moved that Brandon Township pass a resolution to withdraw from the CRLSD board membership.   The motion died with no second.  Further discussion led to a second motion by Cleary.  Moved that Brandon Township pass a resolution to withdraw Brandon Township as a member of the CRLSD on a timely basis, realizing that it will take two years to officially be enacted.  The following whereas statements are to be included:  Whereas: no project is in place now.  Whereas: the previous proposed projects are deemed to be too expensive.  Whereas: there is no clear evidence of major sewer problems.  Whereas: the BCWD organization has pledged their support to work with Douglas County to set up a de-centralized system with the assurance that compliance for construction and compliance for inspection be enforced by having Douglas County set up regular inspections every 3 to 5 years and short of that to have the county work to set up a system to improve needed areas.   This motion passed with the following vote.  Yes - Lauthen and Cleary; No - Buse.   Upon affirming the language of this motion after these minutes become official at the January meeting, this resolution will be carried to the CRLSD Board.


Old Business: a.  Ledermann gave a report on the township web site.  All is in place.  The board suggested the removal of resolutions from the web site as they are included in the minutes, and that no further history of minutes need to be posted.

b.  The plumbing work at the shop has been completed by installing a water shut off valve.

c.  The added chloride assessments for Big Chip road area has been forwarded to the county.   Total cost for this year amounted to $12,767.47 with $11,718.17 paid to the county and an added cost of $1,049.30 to AJ Just.  Income from property owners will amount to $6,096.30

d. MN Township meeting resolutions were discussed, including that townships that move to November elections be able to move to 6 year supervisor terms.  Ditch maintenance by local property owners is also a possibility.

e.  Smith was directed to negotiate a new CD rate for the CD coming due in Dec. with attention being paid to best rate and to possible insurance coverage since the local accounts amount to over $250,000.   Moving this CD to another institution may need to happen.


New Business: a. One land use permits was reviewed.

b.  Ledermann announced filing dates and notices for March township elections

c. Smith will complete the workers comp audit.

d. Public Health invite was shared.

e.  A motion to move the regular township meetings to 7 p.m. was passed on a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen and carried.

f.  Township Road additions:  Moved that Brandon Township take over the extension to the south on E. Whiskey Lake Dr, the extension to the west on Sven Ln and the new Wolf Creek Vista Drive.   Motion made by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary and carried.  The clerk will sent notice to Dave Robley at Douglas County Works.


Claims:   Claims were presented and viewed by the board.  Claims included:  City of Brandon - $127.65 for water/sewer; Ottertail Power - $43.18 for shop electricity; Anderson Excavating - $435.30 for plumbing; Buse - $20.00 for mileage; Cleary - $28.22 book reimburse and $85.00 for mileage; Ledermann - $12.00 for office supply reimburse and $62.50 for mileage.  Lauthen - $13.00 for mileage. Claims and wages were ordered to be paid on a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen, and carried.

 Next Meeting will be held on Jan 20, Tuesday at 7 p.m., 2008 at the Brandon Community Center. Meeting adjourned at 10.50 p.m.; motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary.Adrian Ledermann, clerk.