Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, November 17, 2008

Brandon Township Meeting Minutes – Nov. 17, 2008 

The regular monthly meeting of the Brandon Township Board was held on Monday, Nov. 17, 2008 at the Brandon Auditorium with Don Buse, Paul Lauthen, Michael Cleary, Diane Smith and Adrian Ledermann present.


The meeting was called to order by the chair, Don Buse at 8 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report:  The minutes of the Oct. 20th meeting were addressed.   The minutes were approved with this added correction (Buse gave CLRSD report indicating that the all for one and one for all is still under consideration for Phase I and Phase III.) with a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen, and carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance 10/01/08 was $21,259.01.   Interest from Revenue on account at Bremer was $2.51.  Other income was $649.60.  Orders issued totaling $15,519.38, for a total ending balance of $6,391.74.  Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $82.93 in interest to total $52,345.52; CD #141683 matures 12/22/08, totals $57,869.66; and CD #141685 matures 03/22/09, totals $170,915.10.  Motion made by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary, to approve report; carried.


Sewer Project Information:  Buse reported that the CLRSD board passed a resolution indicating that the CLRSD shall not certify ad valorem taxes against any property in Brandon Township, to pay capital costs of construction of wastewater infrastructure that does not provide wastewater services to properties in Brandon Township.  A public meeting will be held on Nov. 25 to receive MPA report on Phase I.   Also a special CLRSD board meeting is scheduled on whether to approve the City of Carlos joining the district.   Cleary reported on cost questions for Brandon Township.   Two motions were considered as to how to repay the district for 3.4 million costs already incurred.  1.  Use a pro-rate according to net assets for the townships which could amount to $850,000 for Brandon Township if the Phase I & III projects are not done, passed by the CLRSD board and 2.  Use a deferred basis for landowners in the present district, again if the I & III projects do not go forward.  This motion is pending.   Buse also reported that the central district has received two lawsuits; a) for inadequate comprehensive plan and b) for using parcel #s instead of legal descriptions of lots.  Buse indicated also that the central board's intent is to repay and replace the temporary bonds with construction bonds for the project if it be constructed.  Jim Adam gave a task force report indicating no meetings have been held this past month and that Peter Miller from Wenck has completed the work in the Miltona\Irene area and has completed soil samples and tours around the Big Chip area of Phase II.   The time line for providing a spring report is still intact.   Miller also indicated that new hard copy data info has been discovered in the county which should prove very helpful for all sites being considered.

 Public Comment:  The gathering of about 50 people continued to ask questions of the board about costs to Brandon and about exiting the Central District.  The Brandon Township board again indicated that if Phase I and III are completed, Brandon Township district area will not be responsible for engineering costs already incurred.   If the Brandon Township Board were to remove the township from the district, a two year period is required and some additional administrative costs may be incurred.   

Old Business: a. Ledermann gave an election report.  No incidents, 454 people voted, about 86 % of registered voters.   Also, the recount for the Senate District will begin at the court house on Wed. Nov. 19.  The recount staff has been assembled, additional sub volunteers may be added, the public is invited to observe.

b. The township web site continues to make progress.  Brandon Township policies are now on the web site.  Right of Way policies have been updated after Ledermann met with the Douglas County officials on Right of Way regulations.

c. The Lakes Area Planning Agency report was given indicating that the agency is working with the county on updating land use permit form reporting in order to provide more accurate information on sewer situations.

d. The Tanglewood Road petition has been certified by the Clerk.   After discussion, the Board voted to table the petition until the Wenck report is received on a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen, and carried.

e. An updated Brandon Township policies print out was adopted on a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen and carried.


New Business: a. Three land use permits were reviewed.

b. Court summons regarding property/road line on County 58-Utopia road was reviewed with no action needed.

c.  MN Association of Townships annual meeting, Nov. 20-22, in Alexandria announced.d. Lauthen was directed to contact a plumber to install water shut off valve for shop. 

Claims:   Claims were presented and viewed by the board.  Claims included:  Knotty Pine Gas - $62.09 for mower fuel; MATIT - $1,111.00 for work comp; The Record -$7.23 for publish notices; Glenn's Towing - $409.81 for truck service; City of Brandon - $16,946.00 for fire protection; Otter Tail Power - $38.73 for electricity; and Bitzan Backhoe - $350.00 for dozer work. Claims and wages were ordered to be paid on a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary and carried.

 Next Meeting will be held on Dec. 15, 2008 at the Brandon Community Center. Meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m.; motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary.Adrian Ledermann, clerk.