Brandon Township Meeting, Tuesday, March 10, 2020



The Brandon Township Annual Meeting was held on March 10, 2020, at the Brandon Community Center with seven residents and two guests in attendance.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Clerk Mike Cleary.  The pledge of allegiance was recited by all and introductions were made.  Gene Fynboh was nominated and elected to moderate the meeting.


Agenda:  Motion by Mike Cleary with a second by Kerby Lund to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


2019 Minutes:  Motion by John Ledermann with a second by Kathy Zimmerman to wave the reading of and to approve the 2019 annual meeting minutes.  Motion carried.


Brandon Fire Department:  Jared Buchholz presented the 2021 operating budget for the fire department which totaled $42,993.00 and requested funding by the township of $29,930.96 for its share.  Motion by Gene Fynboh with a second by Bryan Meichsner to approve funding of $29,930.96 for 2021.  Motion carried.


AAEDC:  Abby Strom from the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission presented their budget for 2021 which totaled $346,360 and requested a donation of $2,300 from the township.  Motion by John Ledermann with a second by Kerby Lund to approve a donation of $2,300 for 2021.  Motion carried.


Annual Road Report:   Township Road Supervisor Kerby Lund presented the 2019 road report detailing the maintenance and improvements to the township roads and equipment undertaken during the past year.  A copy of the report is attached to these minutes.


Annual Financial Report:  Township Treasurer Kathy Zimmerman presented the township financial statement detailing the revenues and expenses for 2019.  It was noted that the township had a positive cash flow of $26,863 for the year.  Motion by Mike Cleary with a second by Dennis Lund to approve the annual financial report.  Motion carried.  A copy of the report is attached to these minutes.


Property Tax Levy:  Mike Cleary presented the township budget and levy request for 2021.  The budget calls for a levy of $46,000 for the general fund, $130,000 for the road and bridge fund, $31,000 for the fire department fund, $20,000 for the blacktop upkeep reserve fund, $10,000 for the major equipment replacement reserve fund and $10,000 for the bond payment fund for a total levy request of $247,000.  This represents a $12,000 or  5.1% increase over the amount of the 2020 levy.  A motion to approve the 2021 levy of $247,000 was made by John

Ledermann with a second by Gene Fynboh.  Motion carried.


Other Business:   General discussion followed over the cost of upkeep of paved versus gravel roads and over gopher bounties.  No action was taken on these items.


Next Meeting:  The next annual township meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on March 8, 2021


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.


Minutes Recorded by Mike Cleary