Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, March 16, 2020




1.      Call Meeting to Order - Recite Pledge of Allegiance

2.      Approve Agenda

3.      Approve Minutes

4.      Treasurer’s Report

5.      Visitors Questions & Concerns


6.      Road and Equipment

A.      Roadside Brush Cutting

B.      Garage Door Replacement

C.      Road Gravel Source and Cost

D.     Spring Road Inspection

E.      Registration for Thursday, April 9th Seal-Coat Workshop in Alexandria

F.       Registration for Tuesday, April 14th Extending Pavement Life Workshop in Baxter


7.      Other Business –

A.      AAEDC and Fire Department Requests from Annual Meeting

B.      Donation Requests – DCHS – BHC - ASC

C.      Township Website


8.      Correspondence and Clerk Notes -

a.      PNP Election Results and Cost

b.      Open Book Meeting – 9:00 am on Friday, April 10 at County Courthouse


9.       Payment of Bills & Deposit of Funds To/From Money Market


10.   Confirm Next Meeting and Adjourn -

a.      County Township Assn – 9:30 am on Wednesday, March 18 at Public Works

b.      MAT Spring Short Course – 9:00 am on Friday, March 27 at Arrowwood

c.       Regular Monthly Meeting – 7:00 pm on Monday, April 20 at Brandon Community Center