Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, October 20, 2008

Brandon Township October 20, 2008 - Brandon Town Hall
      Tentative Agenda

1.  Call to order, pledge of allegiance

2.  September minutes, clerk’s report

3.  Treasurer’s report

4.  Sewer Project information

            a.  CRLSD update (Buse)

            b.  Preliminary report on phase II engineering study

                      Info on Wenck Associates; Peter Miller and Vince Vader Top                     

4-A.  Public Comment

            a.  report on letters received

            b.  Paula Shelander, written request
            c.  other


5.  Old Business

a.  Sewer situation:  Board comment. 

b.  Township Web progress, 
            c.  info on policies for web site  including rite of way policies (clerk)

c.  Lakes Area Planning report (Ledermann) 

d.  Fema meeting

e.   other

  6.  New Business

            a.  Review land use permits


            c.  Township road system update

            d. General election judge appointments

            e.  AEDC breakfast, Oct 21,

            f.  MN Ass of annual meeting, Nov. 20-22 at Arrowwood in Alexandria

            g.  other, including info notes from the clerk

7.  Claims and Wages 
 8.  Date and place of next meeting 
 9.   Adjournment