Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, November 19, 2007

Brandon Township Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2007 

The regular monthly meeting of the Brandon Township Board was held on Monday, November 19, 2007 at the Brandon Community Center with Gaylin Croonquist, Don Buse, Paul Lauthen, Diane Smith and Adrian Ledermann present.


The meeting was called to order by the chair, Gaylin Croonquist at 8 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report:  The minutes of the October meeting were addressed.   The minutes were approved as read with a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Buse, and carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance as of Oct. 1, 2007  was $ 2,908.35.   Interest from Revenue on account at Bremer was $.96.  Transfer from Tar and Road fund was $5,000.00.  Other income was $ 909.10.   Bank charge of $4.80 was refunded and a bank charge of $10.00 will be refunded in November.  Orders issued totaling $4,603.81, for a total ending balance of $4209.04 less charge for deposit slips leaves a balance of $4163.06.  Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $239.82 in interest, less $5,000.00 transfer to the general fund  now totals $60.889.88; 12 month CD renewed for one year totals $54,108.63; and 18 month CD renewed for one year totals $162,755.05.  Motion made by Buse, seconded by Lauthen, to approve report; carried.

 Public Comment:  No visitors were present Old Business:

            a. Buse gave sewer update.  He has met with the Garfield and Brandon city councils who continue to be enthusiastic and positive about a cooperative effort.   A subcommittee of CLSD has been formed to negotiate a contract with ALSD.  A contract for engineering has been signed with FSN.  The plan is to let out construction bides for Lobster area next spring.   The Miltona project still is waiting on a permit; engineering is done and land has been purchased.   CLSD board is looking at an office along with hiring a part time secretary/treasurer.


            b.  Tree trimming has been done by Rollie, but still no bill has been received.


            c.  Ledermann has forwarded Township roads map to Dave Nelson of County Public Works.  County has sent notice that Vista Trail/Svend Lane construction has been inspected and approved.


            d.  Buse attended the Excel Energy information meeting in Barrett about the potential new electric line running through the township.


            e.  Croonquist will check with John Schjei about snow plowing this winter.

 New Business:

            a. Buse will plan to attend the local board of appeal and equalization training in Morris in January.


            b.  Due to new state law raising liability limits, a motion by Buse, seconded by Lauthen and carried chose option one of new plan with Country Insurance which will raise Brandon township liability limits to $400,000 each claimant, $1,200,000 each occurrence and $2,400,000 aggregate on January 1, 2008. No additional cost expected for 2008.


            c.  Lauthen will arrange for new or revised signs for Eagle Point DR.


            d.  Otter Tail Power rate increase was discussed.  No action needed.


            e.  V Plow situation was discussed.   Croonquist and Lauthen will check further.


            f.   Calendar for March elections was reviewed.


Claims:   Claims were presented and viewed by the board. Claims included:  Ziegler Cat- $838.97 for repair parking brake; Otter Tail Power- $30.23 for shop electricity; City of Brandon for fire contract was delayed until December meeting; Hilltop Lumber- $743.37 for culvert; Pro Ag Co-op- $19.49 for grease; City of Brandon- $127.65 for water and sewer; MN Association of Townships - $1,000.00 for work comp insurance.


Claims and wages were ordered to be paid with a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Buse, and carried.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.  Adrian Ledermann, clerk.