Brandon Township Meeting, Saturday, October 13, 2018




OCTOBER 13, 2017 – 9:00 am


1.      Chair - Call Meeting to Order - Recite Pledge of Allegiance


2.      Chair - Introduction of Township Officials and Township Engineer


3.      Clerk - Review of Legal Notice Publication and Mailing -

a.      Notices were mailed to all affected property owners on Sep 20, 2018

b.      Legal notice was published by The West Douglas County Record on Sep 27 & Oct 4. 2018

c.       Notices were also posted at Brandon Bremer Bank and on Township Website


4.      Chair - Purpose of the Meeting –

a.      Discuss paving most of Wolf Creek Rd and all of Svend and Severson Roads

b.      Updated cost estimates and estimated property assessments will be reviewed

c.       The decision to proceed or not proceed will NOT be made tonight.  The supervisors are looking for your input and will decide at a future meeting.  Your comments tonight and written input will be considered.


5.      Chair - Rules for Speaking During the Meeting –

a.      Only one speaker at a time

b.      Identify yourself and where your property is located for the record

c.       Address your concerns or questions to the supervisors

d.      Be courteous and do not shout down other speakers

e.      You are entitled to express your opinion but please give others a chance to speak also


6.      Clerk - History of the Proposed Project -

a.      Information and preliminary cost estimates were presented to a number of Wolf Creek Area residents at the December 18, 2017 supervisors meeting. 


b.       A petition to proceed with the proposed paving project and to obtain bids or 2019 construction was presented to supervisors at their July 16, 2018 meeting


c.       The petition was audited and certified at the August 20, 2018 meeting.  The petition met the township policy of having at least 50% of the signatures of the abutting parcel owners


7.      Township Engineer – Construction overview and cost estimate


8.      Clerk – Calculation of estimated assessments


9.      Questions/Comments from The Floor


10.  Adjournment