Brandon Township Meeting, Tuesday, January 16, 2018



The January monthly meeting was held on January 16, 2018, at the Brandon Community Center with Supervisor Gene Fynboh, Supervisor Kerby Lund, Supervisor Dennis Lund, Treasurer Kathy Zimmerman and Clerk Mike Cleary present.  With a quorum present, the meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. The pledge of allegiance was recited by all.


Approval of Minutes: Reading of the minutes of the December 18, 2017 meeting was waved and the minutes were approved on a motion by K. Lund and a second by D. Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report: Beginning cash and investment balance on 12/1/17 was $301,306.02. December, 2017 receipts and disbursements were $92,365.79 and $25,057.81, respectively, resulting in an ending balance of $368,614.00 at 12/31/17. The treasurer's report was approved on a motion by D. Lund and a second by K. Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Visitors Questions and Concerns:  There was one visitor present. 


Approval of Agenda:  The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by Fynboh and a second by D. Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Road and Equipment Issues:


a.     Equipment and road updates were given and discussed.   Trees have been trimmed on Shorewood Lane.  Trees also need trimming on Burros Lane.  Paul Roers recommended that the supervisors consider attending upcoming meetings on road maintenance conducted by the State of MN and possibly conducting a joint meeting with neighboring townships. K. Lund presented estimates received for UTV equipment to be purchased this spring for use in spraying township ditches.  Clerk was instructed to check into insurance requirements to bring this function in-house.


b.    A motion was made by K. Lund and seconded by D. Lund to hire Gaylin Croonquist as grader operator and Zach Hintermeister as back-up snow plow operator at the same hourly rates as the prior year.  K. Lund will check into available refresher training for road maintenance operators.  Motion carried unanimously.


New Business:


a.    There were two new building permits to review. 


b.   Supervisor duties were assigned as follows – Chair/Fynboh – Vice Chair/K. Lund – Road Supervisor/K. Lund – Weed Inspector and Sprayer/D. Lund – Animal Control/Fynboh


c.    Motion was made by K. Lund and seconded by D. Lund to continue 1) Bremer Bank as the township depository, 2) The Record as the Official Publication for legal notices and 3) The Record, Bremer Bank and the township website as the Local Posting Sites.  Motion carried unanimously.


d.   The reimbursement rate for mileage incurred on township business was adjusted to the 2018 IRS rate of 54.5 cents per mile.


e.   Clerk reported a change in date of the 2018 annual county township meeting to March 21, 2018


f.    The timetable for the proposed Tanglewood Road paving project was discussed and established as follows: 1) Feb meeting – engineer to update cost estimates, 2) March meeting – invite Tanglewood property owners to attend, 3) April meeting - Supervisors decide to proceed or not.  If project moves forward, township engineer will be instructed to obtain sealed bids, 4) May meeting – open sealed bids and award project if cost is accepted.


g.    The draft annual cash report was presented by the clerk.  Information on how Brandon Township’s 2018 levy compares to other Douglas County townships was discussed.  It was noted that the levy on a per person basis was in the middle road for all townships but that the levy on a per township road mile basis was considerably less than other townships with fewer miles to maintain.


Correspondence and Clerk Notes:  2018 is an election year and the Clerk will be attending election judge training in June.


Claims and Wages: Claims totaling $11,139.38 were reviewed and approved on a motion by K. Lund and seconded by D. Lund.  Motion carried unanimously. The full list of claims is available for public inspection in the Township Clerk’s office.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 pm on a motion by Fynboh and seconded by D. Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Date and place of next meeting:  February 20, 2018 –  7:00 pm – Brandon Community Center





Mike Cleary, Clerk                                                   Gene Fynboh, Chair