Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, May 15, 2017

Brandon Township Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2017


The May monthly meeting was held on May 15, 2017, at the Brandon Community Center with Supervisor Gene Fynboh, Supervisor Kerby Lund, Supervisor Dennis Lund, Treasurer Kathy Zimmerman and Clerk Mike Cleary present.  With a quorum present, the meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. The pledge of allegiance was recited by all.


Approval of Minutes: Reading of the minutes of the April 17, 2017 regular meeting and the April 17, 2017 public hearing was waved and the minutes were approved on a motion by Fynboh and a second by D Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report: Beginning cash and investment balance on 4/1/17 was $340,573.63. April, 2017 receipts, disbursements and interest earned were $1,805.15, $28,191.29 and $9.08, respectively, resulting in an ending balance of $314,196.57 at 4/30/17. The treasurer's report was approved on a motion by Fynboh and a second by D Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Visitors Questions and Concerns:  There were no visitors present.


Approval of Agenda:  The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by K Lund and a second by Fynboh.  Motion carried unanimously.


Road and Equipment Issues:


a.    A 2003 Sterling Plow Truck with 98,852 miles was purchased from Douglas County Public Works during April 2017 for $20,000.  Title has been transferred and the truck has been added to the Township insurance policy.  Decals identifying the truck as Brandon Township have been ordered.


b.    A schedule was presented by Cleary listing all of the township assets.  All assets have been properly included on the Township insurance policy with MATA.


c.     Two quotes have been received to install steel on the north side of the roof, to insulate and install steel on the inside, to improve the lighting and to add an additional floor drain to the Township Garage.  Cleary will request references on the out-of-town contractor.


 Big Chip Area 2017 Paving Project:


a.   With the favorable construction bid received from Mark Lee Excavating at the April 17, 2017 meeting, the total  cost of the project is now estimated to be $360,192 which will result in a per full parcel assessment of approximately $3,800.  A public hearing will be held at the completion of the project at which time the exact amount of the assessments will be known.


b.   Discussion was held on a landowner concern over assessing his outlot since it did not meet the Township Paving Policy definition of a buildable lot.   After discussion, a motion was made by D Lund to add language to the Township Paving Policy which would allow the township to determine on a case by case basis the assessment for a “special buildable lot” defined as one which has or can be developed with variance(s) granted.  The motion was seconded by K Lund and carried unanimously.  It was further agreed to assess this particular outlot with one-half of a full lot assessment.  Cleary will inform the landowner.


c.    A proposal was received from Bremer Bank in Brandon for issuing bonds to fund this project.  The proposal was for a $300,000 bond with interest at 2.76% (as of 5/1/17) payable over 5 years.  Given the small size of the required bond and the long standing relationship with Bremer Bank, it was decided to not solicit other proposals at this time.  Cleary presented a draft letter to be mailed to the landowners in the paving project to determine how many intend to prepay their assessments to ensure that the $300,000 bond will be sufficient to cover the net cost to the township.  The supervisors agreed that sending the letter was a good idea.



 Tanglewood Road Paving Petition:


a.    A petition signed by 50% of the landowners adjacent to Tanglewood Road was received and reviewed.  The petition was accepted on a motion by K Lund and a second by D Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.  A preliminary cost estimate was received from the township engineer with a total estimated cost of $190,400 which would result in a per full parcel assessment of $5,163 on a cost share of 80% landowner and 20% township payment.  It was noted that the engineer used a per ton cost of $50 for bituminous mix which is higher than the actual cost of $46 per ton for paving Sara Rd in 2016 and Big Chip Rd in 2017.  If the actual cost in 2018 for this project is also $46 per ton, the estimated per full parcel assessment would be reduced to approximately $4,871.


 New Business:


a.   Cleary was instructed to contact Bob Walsh regarding his ditch weed spraying contract for 2017 and, if at the same amount as or less than 2016, instruct him to get started on the spraying as this is the prime time to do so.


b.   A motion was made by K Lund and seconded by D Lund to contract with Peterson Lawn Service for mowing Edgefield Cemetery for $125 per mowing.  Motion carried unanimously.


c.    A motion was made by Fynboh and seconded by D Lund to renew the 4 year contract with Douglas County for assessing all real and personal property parcels in the Township of Brandon.  Motion carried unanimously.


d.   Discussion was held regarding transferring the duties of conducting the annual Board of Appeal & Equalization to Douglas County.  It was noted that to continue with the current practice, the Township must have a majority of the supervisors in attendance to conduct the Board and that at least one supervisor must be trained.  It was also noted that there have been very few appeals in recent years and that any changes also have to be approved by the County.  Transferring duties would not preclude Township Supervisors from attending the County “Open Book” meeting but it would relieve the Township of the time and expense of conducting its own meeting.  It was also noted that the Township could pass a resolution in the future to reinstate it.  A motion was made by Fynboh and seconded by D Lund, to transfer the duties of conducting the annual Board of Appeal & Equalization to Douglas County.  Motion carried unanimously.


e.   There were no new building permits to review.


Claims and Wages: Claims totaling $11,497.61 were reviewed and approved on a motion by K Lund and seconded by D Lund.  Motion carried unanimously. The full list of claims is available for public inspection in the Township Clerk’s office.  $10,000 will be transferred from the money market saving account to cover the checks written.


Adjournment: The meeting was recessed at 8:45 pm at which time the three supervisors and Cleary traveled to the Dan Larson cabin on Big Chip Road to discuss possible correction of a drainage problem.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm on a motion by K Lund and seconded by D Lund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Date and place of next meetings:


June 19, 2017 – 7:00pm - Regular Monthly Meeting – Brandon Community Center





Mike Cleary, Clerk                                                  Gene Fynboh, Chair