Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, March 19, 2007

Brandon Township – Meeting  Minutes - March 19 , 2007The regular monthly meeting of the Brandon Township Board was held Monday, March 19 , 2007 in the Brandon Community Center with Paul Lauthen, Diane Smith, Gaylin Croonquist,  Don Buse, and Adrian Ledermann present.The meeting was called to order by Paul Lauthen.   The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Clerks Report: The Minutes of the Feb. 20, 2007 meeting were addressed  The minutes stood approved as read after a typo correction on the claim of Ledermann for office supplies ($118.27 not 188.27)with motion by Croonquist, seconded by Buse,  and carried. Treasurers Report: Beginning Balance 02/01/2007 of $ 21,754.25.   Interest from Revenue on account at Bremer was Bank was $ 9.04.  Other income was $ 14,349.22.    Orders issued totaling     $ 731.03,  for a total ending balance of $ 35,381.48 .   Investments reported included Tar & Road fund received $ 226.68 in interest to total $ 63,965.10; 12 month CD renewed for one year  $ 51,750.00 and 18 month CD totals $ 154.489.84.  Motion made by Buse, seconded by Croonquist to approve report.   Carried. Public Comment.  No visitors present.  Old Business:  a.  Election update:  March 13 ballots were sealed.  Adrian has delivered materials to county.  Paul Lauthen and Diane Smith were sworn in.   Gaylin Croonquist was elected chair of supervisors for the year.b.  County association meeting will start at 10:15 a.m. Wed, 21st. due to the sec.of state, Mark Ritchie attending.c.  Brandon City fire agreement was signed.d.  Spring short course in Alexandria on Thursday, 29th announced.e.  Board of Review meeting prep and road survey preparation discussed.  Lauthen, Croonquist and Buse will gather at 8:30 to begin road review.f.  Carr’s tree service from Battle lake will be contacted by Croonquist to control weeds, trees, etc along road ditches.g.  Road edges need to be disced to bring back gravel.  Croonquist will contact Alden Just. New Business:  a.  12 month CD comes due 3/22.   Diane will renew at Bremer.b.  MITT bond insurance info was shared.   Brandon Township will stay with other present policies.c.  Lakes Area Humane Society contract was presented, and signed.d.  Don Buse was appointed to Regional Planning Organization for 1 year. Claims: Claims were presented and viewed by the board.  Ottertail power for shop electricity - $162.05; Lucky’s Propane for shop heat - $194.84; City of Brandon for utilities - $124.65; Douglas County for salt/sand - $580.50; Adrian Ledermann for mileage - $20.00; Paul Lauthen for mileage - $60.00; Don Buse for mileage - $ 36.00; Diane Smith for office supplies $ 46.56 and Minnesota Benefit Association for group life - $450.00.  Claims and wages were ordered to be paid with motion by Croonquist, seconded by Buse and carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. , motion by Buse, seconded by Croonquist.Adrian Ledermann, clerk