Brandon Township Meeting, Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brandon Township Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2017


The January monthly meeting was held on January 17, 2017, at the Brandon Community Center with Supervisor Gene Fynboh, Supervisor Kerby Lund, Supervisor Dennis Lund, Treasurer Kathy Zimmerman and Clerk Mike Cleary present.  The meeting was called to order by Fynboh 7:00 pm. The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report: Reading of the minutes of the December 19, 2016 meeting was waved and the minutes approved on a motion by K Lund and seconded by Fynboh.


Treasurer’s Report: Beginning cash and investment balance on 12/1/2016 was $264,651.91. December 2016 receipts, disbursements and interest earned were $76,371.08, $9,708.99 and $7.19, respectively, resulting in an ending balance of $331,321.19 at 12/31/16. The treasurer's report was approved on a motion by K Lund and seconded by D Lund.


Public Comment: Diane Simons was present to request that the street sign missing at the intersection of E Whiskey Rd and Co Rd 58 be replaced. Cleary offered to order a new sign to be installed by the supervisors.  Retired Clerk Adrian Lederman was also present to coach the new Clerk and the supervisors on various agenda and procedural items.


Agenda Approval: The agenda approved on a motion by Fynboh and seconded by K Lund.


Old Business- Ongoing Business:


a.    K Lund gave a verbal update on the status of the township roads.  Due to frequent snows and blowing, additional hours were spent in the past month clearing snow and spreading salt and sand.  The plow truck endured numerous breakdowns which required repairs.  The supervisors remain in agreement that the township will purchase the plow truck being retired by Douglas County this spring and will consider at that time if the current truck will be sold or kept as a backup/spare.


b.    Jeff Stabnow was not present to present an update on the estimated cost of paving Big Chip Road.  Cleary will contact to request his presence at the February meeting.  Discussion was held regarding his engineering fee and Cleary was given permission to negotiate a lower fee.


c.     Dan Hodorff who owns two lots on Big Chip Road plans to combine the lots to create one larger more buildable lot for their new home.  The supervisors agreed to only charge one assessment on the combined lot at the completions of the proposed road paving project.


New Business:


a.   There was one new building permit to review. 


b.   The 2017 meeting schedule was distributed and will be posted on the Township website and given to the City to reserve the meeting hall.


c.    The supervisors assigned duties as follows – Chair/Fynboh – Vice Chair/K Lund – Road Supervisor/K Lund – Weed Inspector/D Lund – Animal Control/Fynboh.  Adrian Lederman agreed to serve a Deputy Clerk if needed.


d.   Motion made by K Lund and seconded by D Lund to continue 1) Bremer Bank as the township depository, 2) The Record as the Official Publication for notices, 3) The Record, Bremer Bank and the township website as the Local Posting Sites.  Motion also included approval of Fynboh, Cleary, Zimmerman, K Lund and A Lederman as authorized check signers at Bremer Bank.  Motion carried.


e.   The reimbursement rate for mileage incurred on township business was adjusted to the 2017 IRS rate of 53.5 cents per mile.


f.     A motion was made by K Lund and seconded by Fynboh to approve resolution 01-17-2017 to allow the supervisors to spend up to $5,000.00 on an emergency basis without having to call a special township meeting.  Motion carried.


g.    Motion made by K Lund and seconded by K Lund to hire Gaylin Croonquist as the grader operator.  Motion carried.


Claims and Wages: Claims totaling $3,401.48 and snow plowing wages of $1,593.04 were reviewed and approved on a motion by K Lund and seconded by D Lund.  The full list of claims is available for public inspection in the Township Clerk’s office.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm on a motion by K Lund and seconded by D Lund.  Motion carried.


Date and place of next meetings:

February 21, 2017, 7:00pm – Board of Audit and Regular Monthly Meeting

Meetings will be held in the Community Center