Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, July 18, 2016



Brandon Township Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 18, 2016


The July monthly meeting was held on July 18, 2016, at the Brandon Community Center with Gene Fynboh, Mike Cleary, Gaylin Croonquist, Kerby Lund and Adrian Ledermann present. The meeting was called to order by Fynboh 7:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report: The minutes of the June 20th, meeting were addressed. The reading of the minutes was waved and the minutes approved on a motion by Lund, seconded by Croonquist, and carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Beginning cash balance on 6/1/2015 was $6,667.24. Receipts were $103,533.34. Disbursements were $50,316.08, and $35,000.00 was transferred to Money Market account leaving a balance of $24,884.50. Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $10.29 in interest to now total $363,560.60 which includes two CDs that were renewed and now come due 11-23-2018. The treasurer's report was then approved on a motion by Croonquist, seconded by Lund, and approved.


Public Comment: Five visitors were present to address concerns on Big Chip Road area.


Agenda Approval: The agenda was adjusted to take the items of concern by the visitors first and then approved on a motion by Croonquist, seconded by Lund and carried.


Old Business- Ongoing Business:

e. Big Chip area feasibility study report: Engineer Jeff Stabnow presented the first results of the feasbility study (see attached) followed by questions and answers. Stabnow will divide costs estimates according to the 5 road areas. Further discussion of costs and possible hearing date was postponed until the August meeting.

f. Big Chip road ditches: Residents Gilson and Roering presented a proposal in working with Douglas County Soil and Water to address water flow concerns. The board will visit with residents after this meeting to view the situation, acknowledging that working together before any paving projects was important.

a. Road Report: First mowing has been completed; grading has continued. Board directed the clerk to invite Halvorson Road resident to next meeting regarding gravel and grading concerns.

b. Road Ditch Spraying: No progress reported. Residents that mow ditches abutting their own property were assured that no spraying will take place on those ditches.

c. Moon Lake Trees: Several persons were interested in taking the trees. Board decided that first come-first served be allowed to take out marked trees provided that holes, soil and grass were put back in place.

d. Sara Road paving: Black top has been laid, waiting on road edge gravel and seal coat. Potential assessment letter and hearing date was postponed until the August meeting.

g. Supervisor candidate filing dates of August 2-16 were announced. Several filing forms were distributed. Candidate recruitment continues.

h. Other: Lund reported no billing for Skrove road project; and some tree concerns on West Tigen road. Ledermann reported that tree problems on Sara have been eliminated by neighbors.


New Business:

a. No building permits were received. Croonquist reported on Hansen condidtional use for dog kennels hearing. Board is ok with the request. Croonquist also reported that Magnuson subdivision has been approved by County.

b. Lucky's Propane has been sold to CHS Prairie Lakes. Contracting options are available.

c. Election judge schedule for the August 9th primary was shared. On a motion by Lund, seconded by Croonquist and carried, Janelle Eddy was hired to replace head judge Kathy Fynboh.

d. Clerk notes included notice of MAT district 9 meeting at Glyndon on August 15.


Claims and Wages: Claims included: Gardonville-$14.95 for internet; City of Brandon-$60.05 for water/sewer; Ziegler Cat-$97.41 for grader filter; West Central Petroleum-$754.45 for diesel; Otter Tail Power-$21.30 forshope electricity; Okerlund Graveling-$5,559 forgravel; Peterson Lawn Service-$250.00 for Edgefiled Mowing; Kerby Lund-$600.00 for treactgor rental; and$1,375.00 for grading and mowing wages. Claims and wages were approved on a motion by Lund, seconded by Croondquist, and carried with aye votes from Fynboh, Lund and Croonquist.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm on a motion by Croonquist, seconded by Lund and carried.,


Date and place of next meetings:

August 3, 2016 Publicaccuracy test for primary election

August 2-16, Candidate filing for supervisor

August 9, primary election

August 15, Monthly meeting, 7 pm Brandon Community Center


Adrian Ledermann, clerk













Brandon Township Big Chip Road, Etc. 2017 Paving Project

Feasibility Cost Estimate July 18, 2016


Road areas:

Big Chip Road - South - Co Rd 58 to Hedeen Rd -

18' Pavement 3-1/2 " - 27 MB supports - 5,325 LF

BCR - North - Hedeen Rd to Tee at 9731 BCR -

18' Pave - 2" Aggr Base - 6 MB supports - 3,100 LF

Hedeen Road - South - Co Rd 58 to Eagle Point Drive

-18' Pave - 2" Aggr Base - 1,250 LF

Hedeen Road - North - Eagle Point Drive to BCR

- 18' Pave - 2" Aggr Base - 1,175 LF

Eagle Point Drive - Hedeen Road to BCR

- 18' Pave - 3 MB Supports - 1,350 LF



Item Description Approx Quan Unit Unit Price Total

approx Quan Unit Unit price Total

1 Drainage Improvement Allowance 1 Lump Sum $ 15,000.00 $ 15,000.00

2 Subgrade Preparation 122 Rd - Station $ 75.00 $ 9,150.00

3 Aggregate Shoulder, Class 1 - 3-1/2" 1,000 Ton $ 15.00 $ 15,000.00

4 Aggregate Base, Class 5 - 2" 1,400 Ton $ 12.00 $ 16,800.00

5 Bituminous Mix, Non-wear 2" 2,800 Ton $ 60.00 $ 168,000.00

6 Bituminous Mix, Wear 1-1/2" 2,000 Ton $ 60.00 $ 120,000.00

7 Sealcoat 24,400 SY $ 2.00 $ 48,800.00

8 Swingaway Mailbox Support 36 Each $ 125.00 $ 4,500.00

9 Landscape - Seed, Mulch 1 Lump Sum $ 2,500.00 $ 2,500.00


Estimated construction costs $ 399,750.00

Estimated engineering and administration costs $ 32,000.00

Estimated legal and contingency costs $ 5,000.00


Total estimated cost $ 436,750.00