Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, November 16, 2015



Brandon Township Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2015


The November monthly meeting was held on November 16, 2015 at the Brandon Community Center with Gene Fynboh, Mike Cleary, Gaylin Croonquist, Kerby Lund and Adrian Ledermann present. The meeting was called to order by Fynboh at 7:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report: The minutes of the October 19th meeting were addressed. The reading of the minutes were waved and approved on a motion by Lund seconded by Croonquist, and carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance on 10/1/2015 was $15,900.60. Receipts were $.15. Disbursements were $6,330.66, leaving a balance of $9,570.09. Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $3.51 in interest, to now total $287,812.25 which includes three CDs. The treasurer's report was then approved on a motion by Croonquist, seconded by Lund, and approved.


Public Comment: No visitors were present.


Agenda Approval: The agenda was approved on a motion by Fynboh seconded by Croonquist, and carried.


Old Business:

a. Road report/grading report: Roads have been graded, may need regrading after the rain. Some added gravel areas where Hedeen Rd and Sven Ln. Road ditch mowing will be resumed later this week.

b. Road approach policy. Info from Douglas County and Clitterall Township was reviewed. Clerk will draft a simple policy that will include need for galvanized culvert.


New Business:

a. Building permits: Three permits were reviewed.

b. Special Assessment for Big Chip area Chloride application was certified. Clerk will send certification to Douglas County.

c. Donation request from Food Shelf for facility expansion. Clerk will check with other townships and bring a fund request amount to Dec. meeting.

d. MAT annual meeting at Arrowwood Nov 19-21. No board members will attend.

e. Time sheets: Clerk will e-mail forms to officers prior to quarterly meeting which are to be completed and returned via e-mail to the clerk.

f. Stowe Lake hearing report. Croonquist reported the variance was approved.

g. Clerk notes included; LTAP info; NSP vs. Grundstrom legal report; Save the Date wetland conference in Feb. and Board of Appeal certification needed.


Claims and Wages: Claims included: City of Brandon-$59.55 for water/sewer; Ottertail Power-$25.04 for shop electricity; Okerlund Graveling-$1,089.00 for gravel; Victor Lundeen Co-$31.65 for notary stamp and $812.50 salaries and wages. Claims and wages were approved on a motion by Croonquist seconded by Lund, and carried with aye votes from Croonquist, Lund, and Fynboh.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm on a motion by Lund, seconded by Croonquist and carried.


Date and place of next meetings:

Monday, December 21, 2015, 7 pm at Brandon Community Center


Adrian Ledermann, clerk