Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, July 21, 2008

Brandon Township Meeting Minutes –July 21, 2008 

The regular monthly meeting of the Brandon Township Board was held on Monday, July 21, 2008, at the Brandon Auditorium with Don Buse, Paul Lauthen, Michael Cleary, Diane Smith and Adrian Ledermann present.


The meeting was called to order by the chair, Don Buse at 8 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report:  The minutes of the June 16th  meeting were addressed.  After a note by the clerk placing the meeting at the Brandon Auditorium, the minutes were approved as read with a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary, and carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance as of 6/01/08 was 11,427.20.   Interest from Revenue on account at Bremer was $1.55.  Other income was $411.40.   Transfer from Tar and Road fund was $10,000.00. Orders issued totaled $17,395.65, for a total ending balance of $4,444.50.  Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $89.13 in interest, with $10,000.00 transferred to checking so now totals $52,017.13; 12 month CD renewed for one year received $332.98 in interest and now totals $57,438.98; and 18 month CD renewed now for three months totals $162,755.05.  Motion made by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen, to approve report; carried.

 Sewer Project information:

a.  Buse gave CRLSD project update stating that the board has ordered the project to be done, but phase 2 (Brandon Area) will be given time to make decisions as to their participation.   A public relations consultant has been hired to provide more information.  An information meeting for the Brandon area will be held on Aug. 9, at the Brandon auditorium.

b. Cleary invited Dana Barfnecht and John Gilson to give the Sewer Task Force report.  (cf. attached notes.)

 Public Comment:

-Ledermann reported having received 3 letters regarding sewer project and road concerns; then provided update on meeting rules and procedures.

-Dick Gulbranson sent written request to speak.  Gulbranson reviewed history of the project, activities of the staff, his presence at info meeting at Leaf Valley, and inflation of costs, ending with recommendation to withdraw from the project.

-Dayton Hermanson sent written request to speak.  Hermanson raised some questions, and identified rep Westrom and Senator Ingebrigtsen.   

-A lengthy time of questions, comments, discussion with the large crowed in attendance followed until  a recess was declared by the chair.

 Old Business:

a.  Assessor's contract:   After reviewing applications by Jensen, Pavek and Albertsen(Douglas County), a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary, and carried, approved a contract with Jensen.  Buse will follow up to make sure proper insurance credentials are in order and to get contract signed.

b. Township Web site is progressing and due to be up and running by July 31.

c. Chloride application:  Bills have been sent out, returns are coming in with 9 units still to respond.   Gilson and clerk are working on the Big Chip road tax assessments to cover costs there.   Buse and Lauthen noted need for better chloride coverage on Long Lake Road near Wagner Trucking on Burlington Rd, (Roers).  Lauthen was authorized to contact local provider to again go over those areas.

d.  Road ditch mowing/spraying:   Mowing has been completed for now.  Decision made not to spray this year.   Some tree work may be needed near Kimberly point.

e.  Road signs have been ordered; Buse will soon replace.

f.  Whiskey Lake culvert placement discussed. 

g.  County Road info meeting:  Ledermann provided report, shared info booklet.

 New Business:

a.  Land use permits were reviewed.

b.  Primary Election Head Judge:  On a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary and carried, Diane Smith was appointed; she will hire other judges and schedule individuals to attend mandatory training sessions.

c.  Douglas County Emergency Management resolution:  On a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary, and carried, the resolution to participate was approved.

d.  Weed Control:  6 properties were identified as needing control; letters were sent and some action has been taken by owners.  Two more properties were identified as needing control.

e.  Graveling:   Okerlund Graveling has completed the work.  Two small areas will be covered by Lauthen using township truck.

f.  Sewer Task force:  Cleary identified some options that the board will need to consider for the August meeting:  a.  do nothing, b. modify scope of project by eliminating some parcels, c. modify scope of project by considering alternative system, d. scrap the project but stay in the district, e. scrap the project and pull out of the district, f. some combinations of the above.   Task force will give a report next month.  After some comments by the public, further discussion was discontinued after a suggestion from the clerk that discussion/information was now repetitious.


Claims:   Claims were presented and viewed by the board.    Claims included:  PERA - $201.12 for 2nd Qt.; IRS - $654.34 for 2nd Qt.; West Central MN Petroleum - $2,195.00 for diesel; Douglas County Recorder - $46.00 for transaction fees; Austin Auto - $76.68 for battery; Otter Tail Power - $36.14 for shop electricity; and Okerlund Graveling - $9,438.00 for graveling.


Claims and wages were ordered to be paid with a motion by Cleary, seconded by Lauthen, and carried.

  Meeting adjourned at 11:00 p.m. with motion by Lauthen, seconded by Cleary.Adrian Ledermann, clerk