Brandon Township Meeting, Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Brandon Township 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2014


1. Clerk Adrian Ledermann called the meeting to order at 7 pm with 12 people in attendance. It was noted that two individuals (Paul Lauthen and John Gilson) had planned to attend but due to health concerns were unable to attend. The pledge of allegiance was recited by all. Bob Reynolds was nominated and elected to moderate the meeting and took over as chair. A motion to approve the agenda was made by Gaylin Croonquist, seconded by John Ledermann and carried.


2. Clerk Ledermann read the minutes of the March 12th 2013 Annual Meeting. The motion to approve the minutes was made by Dick Gulbranson, seconded by Clarence Otto and carried.


3. Treasurer’s report was given by Mike Cleary and included the report of the receipts and disbursements for 2013. After some discussion, the report was approved on a motion by Clarence Otto, seconded by John Ledermann, and carried.


4. Guest Speakers:

Jason Murray for the Alexandria Area Economic Development thanked the township for continuing support. Murray reported that the AAEDC supported 26.5 million in development in 2013 which included the Voyager Aluminum project. AAEDC continues to focus on work force development/career readiness and have hired a full time staff person to facilitate their efforts. Murray provided copies of past years budget and the planned budget for 2015. AAEDC is requesting $2,750.00 for 2015 from Brandon Township.

Jamie Shaffran and Scott Schaefer from the Brandon Fire Department were present and provided information on the budget, requesting $24,214.42 for their 2015 from Brandon Township. They reported an increase of calls in 2013 being called out 75 times with 70% being first responder emergency calls and 30% being fire calls. Two homes that would have burned to the ground were saved and allowed the residents to return to their home within hours. The Long Lake Lodge fire was a disaster as the fire had progressed too far before the fire department was notified. Brandon Fire Department is working closely with neighborhood units, especially Millerville and Evansville, including joint training. The volunteers have done a great job.


5. The proposed budget levy for 2015 was submitted: General Fund-$26,000; Road and Bridge-$115,000; Fire and Responders-$26,000.


6. Old Business:

a. Road report: Clerk Ledermann provided a written report of activity for 2013. No roads were added or vacated. Much graveling and snow plowing were done.

b. Chippewa County Park update: The county plan has been proposed, clearing the channel, extending the camping area with installation of pit toilets and sand point well. Brandon Fire Relief Association has contributed $15,000 and the county park dedication fund has available $12,000. Additional donations are welcome.

c. Brandon Township has been reimbursed by Xcel energy for road damage on township roads.


7.New Business:

a. Dust control policies were reviewed. After discussion, on a motion by Dick Gulbranson, seconded by Don Buse, and carried the following new policy addition was supported for action by the town board. Residential property owners on any densely populated (residents every 300 ft or less) no outlet road (dead end) may petition for the entire road to have chloride applied with 50% of the cost be paid by Brandon Township and 50% be paid by all the residential property owners on that road. Residential property owners may also petition to place their costs on their annual property tax bill as a special dust control assessment. The petition must by signed by 60% of the residents on the aforementioned road before Brandon Township Board will consider or act upon the petition

b. Road blacktop surface and resurface policy proposals were discussed. Policies similar to LaGrand and Alexandria Township polices seemed acceptable. Gulbranson asked about the building of new roads and the township take over process.

c. Support for AAEDC request. On a motion by Gulbranson, seconded by Cleary, the request of $2,750.00 from Brandon Township was supported.

d. Budget Levy for 2015. After further discussion on a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Buse, and carried, the 2015 budget levy: General Fund-$26,000; Road and Bridge-$115,000; Fire and Responders-$26,000 was approved.

e. On a motion by Otto, seconded by Croonquist, and carried, the following places for places of public notices were approved: Township web site, The Record; and Bremer Bank in Brandon

f. On a motion by John Ledermann seconded by Croonquist, and carried, the date-March 10, the place-Brandon Community Center, and time-7 pm was approved.


8. Adjournment: On a motion by Otto, pseconded by Fynboh, and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. Coffee and cookies were served by A. Ledermann.


Adrian Ledermann, clerk