Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, September 15, 2014


Brandon Township Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2014


The September monthly meeting was held on September 15, 2014 at the Brandon Community Center with Gene Fynboh, Paul Lauthen, Mike Cleary, Gaylin Croonquist, and Adrian Ledermann present. The meeting was called to order by Fynboh at 7:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Clerks Report: The minutes of the August 18th, meeting were addressed. The reading of the minutes were waved and approved on a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Fynboh, and carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance on 8/01/2014 was $28,296.51. Receipts were $1,698.25 for township aid, Chloride reimburse-$850.00, filing fee-$2.00 and $.23 in interest. Orders issued were $7,207.49, for a total ending balance in checking of $23,643.01. Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $3.51 in interest, to now total $237.639.05 which includes two CDs. The treasurer's report was then approved on a motion by Croonquist, seconded by Lauthen and approved. On a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Croonquist, and carried, the board authorized the clerk and treasurer to sign a depository pledge agreement with Bremer Bank.


Public Comment: Two visitors were present to seek info on township road paving policies.


Agenda Approval: The agenda was approved on a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Croonquist, and carried.


Old Business:

a. Road report: No additional Weed control reports. Spraying for weeds and brush control was again suggested for 2015. Second mowing has been completed. Tanglewood right of way repair will be undertaken in fall after crops are off. Lauthen will contact Blackie and Nelson. Tree removal has been completed; Clerk is to contact Leaf Valley about tree and brush on Limb Road. Tigen road damage had been repaired, but still needs graveling. Clerk Ledermann will bill Xcel Energy when final bills are in. Sara Road and Whiskey Lake Dr. RW inspections have been completed. Work on Whiskey Lake Road RW and local lots has been completed satisfactorily.

b. Riley Bros Paving's road repair on Chippewa Hts Rd has been completed.

c. Chloride second billing has been completed; checks are coming in with 5 residents still not paid. MAT state attorney letter states that Brandon Township cannot apply chloride to private driveways.

d. John Deere MD 300 tractor with attached mower will be offered for sale. Clerk to post “for sale note” and receive bids of those interested in purchasing tractor.


New Business:

a. one building permit was reviewed.

b. Cleary was delegated to check on yield sign on Wolf Creek Rd at Sven Ln and notify Lauthen if sign is missing so Lauthen can replace that sign.

c. Road paving policies. After much discussion, including info from road engineer, Jeff Stabnow, and interest from Big Chip Rd resident, Dennis Lund, the board approved a preliminary petition form for residents to submit. The form was approved on a motion by Croonquist, seconded by Lauthen, and carried. Board will continue to work on developing a new policy for paving. Stabnow is available for consultation.

d. Clerk reported that a primary election review is being hosted by Douglas County; also further election judge training dates are available. Absentee ballots are now available for the Nov. 4 general election.

e. Head Election Judge: Diane Smith has resigned from election judge. Clerk Ledermann nominated Jane Croonquist who was appointed as the new Head Election Judge on a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Lauthen and carried.

f. CTAS training. Cleary and Ledermann have signed up to attend the CTAS 8 training session at Callaway, MN on Oct 9th.

g. New CTAS 8 program will require a new computer for treasurer's office. On a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Croonquist, Cleary was delegated to order a new laptop computer.

h. Assessor's letter: Brandon Township will have one certified trained officer to be present at the Board of Review. Other training events will be scheduled in 2015.

i. Clerk notes included information on the Land Stewardship project and a local Govt. award application.


Claims and Wages: Claims included: Post Office-$98.00 for stamps; Peterson Lawn Service-$640.00 for Edgefield cemetery upkeep; Bobs-$24.99 for mower fuel; Otter Tail Power-$23.75 for shop electricity; Adrian Ledermann-$70.35 for office expense and mileage reimbursement; Klimek's Tree Service-$3,450.00 for tree removal; Paul Lauthen-$575.00 for tractor rental; Michael Cleary-$82.91 for mileage and office supplies; and Gene Fynboh-$20.50 for mileage. Wages for road grading, mowing, and administration was $4,160.00. Claims and wages were approved on a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Croonquist, and carried with aye votes from Fynboh, Croonquist and Lauthen.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm on a motion by Lauthen; seconded Croonquist and carried..


Date and place of next meetings:

October 20- Monthly Meeting, 7 pm Brandon Community Center


Adrian Ledermann, clerk