Brandon Township Meeting, Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brandon Township –2008 Annual Meeting  MinutesMarch 11 , 2008The annual town meeting of the Brandon Township was held Tuesday, March 11, 2008 in the Brandon Auditorium.  The meeting was called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Adrian Ledermann, clerk.The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Don Buse moved that Gaylin Croonquist be elected moderator for the meeting, seconded, carried.Clerks Report: The Minutes of the 2007 meeting were addressed.  The minutes stood approved  as read, with motion by Glen Matejka, seconded by John Gilson,  and carried.Treasurers Report: Diane Smith passed out copies of the 2007 treasurer’s report indicating a Beginning Balance of $ 23,685.85 as of 01/01/2007.   Receipts for 2007 were $104,855.36 with $5,000.00 transferred in from MM Tar and Road Fund to total $133,541.21.  Disbursements totaled $106,601.70.  Transfers of $2,251.02 interest to Tar and Road Improvement fund,    Interest of $ 2,354.63 and $ 8,265.21 to CD's.  Bank charges were $46.34, leaving an ending checkbook balance on 12/31/200 of $ 13,460.70.   Tar & Road improvement account now stands at $61,284.83; 12 mo CD at $54,104.63; and 18 mo CD at $ 162,755.05.  After a short discussion, a motion was made by Gerald Challis, seconded by Dan Olson to approve report.   Carried. Proposed Budget: Board of Audit proposed a budget for 2009 that included General Fund -$25,000.00, Road and Bridge fund - $ 60,000.00 and Fire and Responders fund -  $20,000.00.  Motion by John Gilson, seconded by Glen Matejka, to approve proposed budget levy, carried. Old Business: 1. Don Buse reported on update of CLRSD Sewer project.  Phase I and Phase III are well on the way.  Phase II, Big Chip area is now being considered as a part of CLRSD overall plan with additional hookups.   Cost per hookup are estimated to be around $30,000.   CLRSD board is waiting for a permit for Miltona area  and resolution from Brandon Township Board before they decide on an all for one joint project.   Brandon Township Board will need to make a decision in the next few months on a resolution as to what areas are to be included in the joint project.    A number of residents voiced opposition to the plan and especially to the cost projected.   Croonquist invited all concerned people to attend the monthly open meetings of the CRLSD board.2.  The Gopher bounty was addressed, then left to the town board to set bounty.New Business:1.  Jason Murray and Corlis Stark representing Alexandria Area Economic Development gave a presentation of the work being done in Douglas County, and ways Brandon Township can support development.   Motion was made by Glen Matejka, seconded by Don McGaffey, to designate up to $ 2,500 to support the work of AECD. 2.  Ernie Schmitt gave a report of the work of the Brandon Fire Department.  14 calls were made in 2007 to Brandon Township.   Scott Schaefer is the new fire chief.3.  Jerry Johnson, county commissioner, reported on the efforts to build a new jail and the efforts to upgrade the waste incinerator, stating that if drop fees be increased, a cash flow will pay for the cost of the upgrade and no new tax levy will be needed.4.  .Legal notice posting and announcements will again be posted at Bremer Bank and the Post Office at Brandon; with The Record being the official newspaper for legal notices, on a motion by John Gilson, seconded by Bob Olson, carried.5.   Ledermann reviewed a proposal to move the township elections to the time of the general elections in November.  Motion made by Matejka, seconded by Gilson to place a resolution on the March 09 annual election ballot to move Brandon Township elections to the general election beginning November 2010 and every even numbered year thereafter, following the state law for changing the tenure of the elected board.   Motion carried. 6.   After discussion, a motion was made to collect chloride reimbursements via county tax assessments.   The clerk will notify the county auditor of the parcels along township roads that will be included in the assessments.    Motion made by Gilson, seconded by Cleary, and carried.7.  The time and place for next year’s election and annual meeting was set as follows by a motion by Matejka, seonded by Gilson and carried.  Elections will be held from 5 – 8 p.m. on the second Tuesday of March, 2009, with the annual town meeting to follow at the Brandon Auditorium.8.  An award was presented by Diane Smith to Gaylin Croonquist for 24 years of public service to the Brandon Township.   A robust round of applause followedMeeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. by Gaylin Croonquist.Adrian Ledermann, clerkCoffee and cookies were served after the meeting by Diane SmithElection results were announced with Michael elected as supervisor, Adrian Ledermann as clerk.   22 ballots were cast;  no write in votes were tabulated.