Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, September 16, 2013

Brandon Township Meeting Minutes

Sept. 16, 2013

The September monthly meeting was held on September 16, 2013 at the Brandon Community Center with Paul Lauthen, Gaylin Croonquist, Gene Fynboh, Mike Cleary and Adrian Ledermann present. The meeting was called to order by Lauthen at 7:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Clerks Report: The minutes of the August 19th meeting were addressed. The reading of the minutes were waved and then approved on a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Croonquist, and carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance on 08/01/2013 was $41,798.27. Receipts included: 1st half additional property taxes-$1,037.12, Brandon Residents chloride reimburse-$3.990.00 and interest from Revenue on account at Bremer- $.41. Orders issued were $5,880.63 for a total ending balance of $ 40,945.17. Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $4.87 in interest, to now total $197,584.01. On a motion by Croonquist, seconded by Fynboh, and carried, the treasurer’s report was approved.

Public Comment: One visitor present with no comments.

Agenda Approval: The agenda was approved on a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Croonquist, and carried.

Old Business:

a. Road report: Croonquist has been grading roads since the last rain, thanked for going out on Sunday and Labor Day. Roads look good. Some roads will need some edge trimming next spring. Board will need to look at spraying for small trees next spring, along with concern for some larger trees needing to be removed along with the stumps to allow for mowing. Several road areas were mentioned to be watched for needed grading. Mowing will be completed this week. Board ok'd mowing for Bracey's off of Walleye Rd; clerk will send bill for $25.00. Chloride payments still coming in; clerk will send second billing to seven residents who have not paid yet.

b. Weed letter has not been sent, clerk will alert residents along Sven Ln next spring.

New Business:

a. No land use permits were received

b. Informal requests for black topping of some roads was discussed. Board will look at updating present policy to address formal petitions, costs allocations, etc. Board will also look at developing a policy for addressing costs of maintaining or resurfacing paved roads already in existence. As a first step, Clerk will do some research on policies at MAT and other townships in Douglas County.

c. Lucky's Propane agreement. Board approved propane purchase agreement of 800 gallons for 2013-14 season at rate not to exceed $1.49 per gallon.

d. Chloride policy: Board will look at updating present policy to look at requests from multiple residents along road and whether to add to special assessments.

Claims and Wages: Claims included: City of Brandon-$58.55 for water/sewer; Otter Tail Power-$24.44 for shop electricity; Michael Cleary-$11.20 for office supplies; and $3,055.00 for wages and salaries. Claims and wages were ordered paid on a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Croonquist and carried.

Date and place of next meetings:

October monthly meeting: Monday, October 21, 2013, 7 pm at Brandon Community Center

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm on a motion by Fynboh seconded by Croonquist, and carried.

Adrian Ledermann, clerk