Brandon Township Meeting, Monday, August 20, 2012

Brandon Township Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2012

The August monthly meeting was held on August 20, 2012 at the Brandon Community Center with Gene Fynboh, Paul Lauthen, Diane Smith and Adrian Ledermann present. The meeting was called to order by Lauthen at 7:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Clerks Report: The minutes of the July 16, 2012, meeting were addressed. The reading of the minutes were waved and then approved on a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Lauthen, and carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance on 07/01/2012 was $14,098.55. Interest from Revenue on account at Bremer was $.40. Other income was $120,954.16. ($506.00 from Brandon residents for chloride and $120.448.16 from Douglas County. Transferred out to money market account was $90,000.00) Orders issued were $5,116.01 for a total ending balance of $39,937.10. Investments reported included Tar & Road Fund received $6.56 in interest, and $90,000.00 transferred in from checking, to now total $197,509.23.

Public Comment: No visitors were present to address issues on the agenda.

Agenda Approval: The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Fynboh and carried.

Old Business:

a. Road report: Work has been completed on Burros Dr. Lauthen has begun fall mowing.

b. Sign post replacement and removal. No sign removal has been done. A petition from Chippewa Hts Rd to keep additional speed limit signs was reviewed. On a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Lauthen, 3 speed limit signs were added to the “do not remove” list.

c. Primary election report: 42 ballots were cast in the primary election. Two additional residents were registered that day.

d. The new mower has been purchased from Amundson Equipment and Lauthen has begun using the new mower.

e. Ledermann reported on the revision of the ballot title about the appointment of the clerk and the treasurer for the November election. Township attorney advice from Leuthner was required by the county auditor's office. The clerk will publicize the info in the local papers and on websites.

New Business:

a. Two new land permits were reviewed. Some discrepancy was noted on the average cost figures on the new land permits, which will be reviewed with the assessor next spring.

b. Candidates for Nov. election: Gene Fynboh and Gaylin Croonquist have filed for supervisor positions and Mike Cleary has filed for the treasurer position.

c. Rental of tractor for new mower: A rental fee was discussed. Fynboh will research further and decision will be made next meeting. Lauthen was authorized to use his tractor.

d. Insurance for the new mower and use of a rental tractor. MATIT was consulted and the present policy was updated by clerk Ledermann. MATIT reported that the rental for the tractor is covered with our present policy under the present loaned, borrowed, or rented clause.

e. Lauthen will make an appointment for the installation of the new city water meter.

f. Clerk notes: MAT news notes were reviewed, MN fall expo in Oct. was discussed; District 9 meeting in September was reviewed.

Claims and Wages: Claims and wages requests were presented and viewed by the board. Claims included: Evansville Township-$854.25 for gravel; Lakes Area Humane Society-$134.76 for kennel fee; Klimek's Tree Service-$220.00 for tree removal; Amundson Equipment-$10,100.00 for mower; Gardonville-$15.95 for internet service; Otter Tail Power-$26.87 for electricity; City of Brandon-$49.56 for water/sewer; The Record-$7.88 for notices; On a motion by Lauthen, seconded by Fynboh, and carried the bills were approved to be paid.

Date and place of next meetings:

September monthly meeting: September 17, 2012, 7 pm

District 9 meeting: September 18, 6 pm. Leaf Valley Town hall

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 on a motion by Fynboh, seconded by Lauthen and carried.

Adrian Ledermann, clerk