Mail Box Support System

Mail Box Support System

Brandon Township is looking to upgrade the present mail box support system along its township roads in order to better enable effective snow plowing and grading of its roads. The new system will also be safer for traffic and will result in less mail box damage.

A mailbox support system similar to that adopted by the Douglas County Highway department (SwingSAFE Support System) is the desired option.

Brandon Township residents are required to install the new swing safe type system whenever they replace their current mail box posts or if the town board deems the existing mailbox support a hazard. The township will reimburse the resident 50% of the cost of a SwingSAFE post upon a receipt from the resident. This does not include installation of the new post or mail box.

All newly built township roads taken over by Brandon Township will require the new system to be installed by the developer of the new road. Any township roads to be rebuilt or paved by Brandon Township will also require the new support system.

If damage is done by a township snowplow or grader to a mailbox that has a swing away post, the township will be responsible for the cost of replacing the mailbox (up to a maximum of $30) upon receipt from the resident. There will be no reimbursement for non-swing away posts or for mailboxes not on a SwingSAFE post.

Adopted April 15, 2019