Driveways – Approach Policy

Brandon Township Approach Policy-2015

Proposed approaches/driveways to Brandon Township Roads need to have the permission of Brandon Township to access the township road through the road right of way. Only one approach will be permitted per residence. Brandon Township will determine if a culvert is necessary and if so, it must be a galvanized ribbed culvert, furnished by the property owner. In addition, all other materials, fill, surfacing, topsoil seed, etc and their placement are the responsibility of the land owner. Approaches when constructed by owner or by contractor are to meet MNDOT recommended standard for approaches and entrances. (copies of standards with designs are available from Brandon Township or MNDOT.)

Instructions: Print or type permit application, sign and mail to:
Brandon Township
9630 Walleye Rd NW
Brandon, MN 56315

Attach a sketch of the property, present and proposed driveways in relation to Brandon Township road, such sketches shall be drawn to scale when required by the town engineer.

Name of

Property Owner______________________ Address______________________________ Phone:__________ or e-mail address ______________________________

Purpose of the proposed driveway- residence or commercial?___________________

Location of proposed driveway to Twp road. ______________________________ Road Name: _________________

Date Proposed Driveway Will Be Needed: ________ Comments:

I, We, the undersigned, herewith make application for permission to construct the driveway at the above location. Said driveway to be constructed will conform with the regulations of Brandon Township and to any special provisions included in the permit. It is agreed that all work will be done to the satisfaction of Brandon Township. It is further agreed that no work in connection with this application will be started until the application is approved and the permit issued. It is understood that this permit is conditioned upon replacement or restoration of the Township road to its original or to a satisfactory condition. It is further understood that this permit is issued subject to the approval of local Brandon Township board authorities.

Signature of Applicant ___________________________________Date _________________

Specifications are available by contacting Brandon Township clerk