Brandon Township Meetings Will Now Be Held Via Telecommunication

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Brandon Township Monthly Meetings held on the 3rd Monday of the month @7 pm will be held by teleconference from the Board members homes.  This notice is in effect until further notice.  The Board will have a phone number and a password available for those who are interested in joining the teleconference meeting.  The phone number and password will be different each month so contact the clerk Mike Cleary at or 320-290-4490 for the current phone number and password.




WHEREAS, Minnesota Statute 204B.45 provides for a town of any size not located in a metropolitan county as defined by section 43.121 or a city having fewer than 400 registered voters on June 1 of an election year and not located in a metropolitan county to conduct balloting by mail.

 WHEREAS, Minnesota Rule 8210.3000 Subp.2 provides the authority for municipalities to adopt mail balloting by resolution no later than 90 days prior to the first election at which mail balloting will be used.

 WHEREAS, The Township Board has concerns over polling place management, election judge availability and voter turnout resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

 NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Town Board of Brandon Township, Douglas County, Minnesota, that they will conduct balloting by mail for all elections starting immediately.

 Adopted by the Brandon Township Board this 27th day of April, 2020.


Township Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month except January and February.  Due to holidays falling on the 3rd Mondays during January and February, the Board will meet on the Tuesday following the holiday during these two months.  Meetings are held at 7:00 PM at the Brandon Community Center located behind the Brandon Fire Hall.  The public is welcome to attend.  If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, please contact the clerk by the Friday before the meeting to be placed on the agenda.


State Auditor Stops In Brandon

Attending a meeting in the Brandon History Center March 10 were Brandon Township Supervisor Dennis Lund, Brandon Township Treasurer Kathy Zimmerman, Brandon City Clerk Deb Grommesh, Brandon Township Clerk Mike Cleary and Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha. In the back is Alan Roebke of Informed TV.
Brandon Township Clerk Mike Cleary received a call from the Minnesota State Auditor’s office March 9 asking if would be available for a meeting with Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha on March 10, township annual meeting day in the state. Cleary said he would and the next day Blaha and her external affairs coordinator Megan Thrasher showed up about 10 a.m. to meet at the Brandon History Center. Also at the meeting were township officers Supervisor Dennis Lund and Treasurer Kathy Zimmerman, Brandon
City Clerk Deb Grommesh and Alan Roebke of Informed TV. Blaha asked questions about what was going on in Brandon Township. The annual meetings are where townships set their levy for the next year. Blaha said townships across the state strive to keep things as even as possible without too  much of an increase even though it has to be increased as inflation rises. Cleary said roads are the major concern in the township. He said the township has $25,000 in its road fund but spends $130,000 on maintaining roads
each year. When it comes to roads in the township the supervisors do some of the work and the township doesn’t buy new but used and recently updated its grader from a 1990 to a 2007 model. Both Cleary and Grommesh brought up how the township and city work together to get things done and keep costs down for both entities. Blaha said she has seen partnerships between townships and cites across the state to help keep costs down. When the auditor asked
Cleary what would be on the agenda for that night’s meeting he said besides the levy it would be gopher bounties. He explained there is an effort to get all townships in the county to adopt the same bounty for gophers, which can burrow and hurt buried cables. One concern brought up by Cleary was the increase of heavy vehicles on township gravel roads which cause accelerated and more frequent maintenance, gravel and grading. Brandon Township does try to pave roads as much as possible but when it does the money for the paving takes money from other areas. Cleary is hoping the Minnesota Legislature can become more aware of road issues in townships. He mentioned there are more people moving into townships and they don’t always realize not every road is paved as it was where they used to live. Blaha said she was on here way south on Interstate 94 to an appointment and thought it would be nice to talk to people on the township level on annual meeting day. Her coordinator spotted Brandon Township on the map and made the call and the meeting was set. The auditor said the meeting and the discussion were very helpful and she was interested in what everyone was saying. “I couldn’t think of a better way to begin this trip than by stopping here in Brandon,” Blaha said. The hospitality at the meeting also included different kinds of donuts, which were enjoyed by all.

About Us

Township 129 Range 29

Established as Chippewa Township September 3, 1867.
Renamed Brandon Township March 11, 1881

Vital Statistics -
Location: Douglas County, MN
Land Area: 30.4 sq. mi.
Water Area: 5.1 sq. mi.
Lakes With Public Landings: 6
Population: 747 Est Apr 2018
Households 312
Township Roads: 46.86 Miles

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